New Year News

New Year News

Happy New Year

New year new blanket, well two blankets! and a jumper, and some socks. You may have seen my posts about my Flower garden temperature blanket, after finishing all, we not quite all but most of my projects I needed a new one. I was scrolling away over Christmas and saw everyone's ideas for temperature blankets, I needed something more challenging than a row a day blanket so I came up with an idea to do a square a day, the examples I saw on the socials were not inspiring so I needed to start from scratch. Thats when I came up with the Flower garden idea, next was the colour way.

Flower Garden Temperature Blanket colour way

So on new years day after having cleaned the house after the party the night before, I was off to my shop to pick my colours. I had worked out that to make the Blanket an even rectangle 18x21 I would need to add an extra 12 squares or days into the crochet blanket, I decided that I would add an extra day every month for a special date i.e. Birthdays and special days to remember, I would do this by adding a Daisy on that day to highlight the special day of the month.

Flower Garden Temperature Blanket plan

I then played around with the square itself for a while until I came up with the design for the crochet square. I needed it to be simple enough to make it a quick square, but also keep me interested and eager to do after finding out what the temperature that day was. I decided on the High temp of the day, some people do an average but I thought it would make it more individual if it was my areas highest temp of the day. One of my knit and natter girls is doing it and although she is following the same plan her blanket will turn out completely different to mine because of the special day crochet square.

Crochet Flower Garden Temperature Blanket Colourway
Will I ever use Steel blue? The past few days I have been fluctuating between Sky Blue and Saxe and Started with Juniper after our warmest New Year on record, I am attaching a little tag to each square with the date on so when it comes to sewing them together they will be in order.
Flower Garden Temperature Blanket Granny Square Juniper
If you want to crochet the blanket with me I have made a Tutorial video for the Square which is attached to the bottom of the blog or you can find it on my Youtube Chanel, in the video I explain the plan, but if you have any questions please feel free to message me. I have used Cygnet DK but you can use any DK for this project, all the colours are available in my shop or online. You can get your daily Temperature online from the met office, I use my phones weather App to get todays highest temp. 
I would like to wish you all a happy New Year and happy Crocheting!
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