November News letter

October is well behind us now and the knitters and Crocheters are out in full force stocking up their yarn stashes ready for winter, from socks and hats to jumpers and blankets, you are all busy as am I. Many of my customers that have been into the shop have seen all the projects I am working on, in a mad rush to finish my Christmas decorations, also the cable knit jumper I'm knitting is almost finished which comes with a sigh of relief. I have loved working with the Woolcrafts wool rich Aran and have had so many compliments on the jumper but I will be so happy to finish it, most of the excitement of finishing the jumper is the thought of starting on a new pair of socks.

I had the pleasure of attending the knit and Stich show at Alexander Palace in London. Myself, my friend Emma and two Ladies from one of my Knit and Natter sessions Helen and Tracie, had an amazing day looking around the stalls, spending far to much money and getting lost. I bought some beautiful skeins of wool for sock making and some fantastic kits which I plan on sharing with you all soon.  

October was all about planning my first Christmas in the shop, after finishing my Autumn window display I was straight on the hook, making videos and tutorials for the Christmas Baubles, stockings and stars. Planning orders for Christmas and getting lots of Christmas colours on the shelves as well as some new lines for you all to enjoy. The Christmas blanket has kept so many for you busy, I have lost count of the times i have had to reorder the yarn and patterns after selling out! I have seen some beautiful examples of the blanket, you have all sent me photos of your progress, adaptations and even a different colourway for the Christmas folk blanket. I am happy to let you know that we still have the kit in stock but sadly the knitted Christmas blanket is still out of stock.

Lessons and Tutorials

I have had a fantastic Month of lessons seeing 12 people walking out of Over The Hook confidently Crocheting after attending beginners lessons and even more online through my Youtube, facebook and Tiktok. I booked up so fast on my courses and lessons so I am now working on a timetable of lessons for the new year. I have also been busy with my one2one sessions working on projects with with some lovely people, myself and Eliza have been making a hexogen cardie together and are well on the way to having a cardie by Christmas.

For those of you that haven't seen my Christmas Crochet Bauble Tutorial here it is. 

And here is the Tutorial for the Christmas Stars, these would make great garlands or Christmas tree decorations.

What's New

Its all about Glittery, Cygnets Glittery if flying out of the shop! the five Glittery colours have been so popular, after my Christmas Bauble Tutorial hit Social media I have been posting it up and down the country through my website sales. Icicle, Pine, Red Berry, Sliver Moon and Coal are all available in store and online. 


Cygnet have also released a line of Super Chunky in Metallics which are perfect for big chunky Knits and Crochets, with 7 christmassy colours available this is just what you need for some fantastic Christmas projects.

As I have said we have the Christmas Folk crochet blanket available but I'm sure it wont be here long as its selling fast.

Christmas Folk Blanket

We have a fantastic range of hand made Christmas Buttons that are currently only available in store

How to Incorporate Christmas Buttons into Your Outfits

There are countless ways to incorporate our Christmas buttons into your outfits. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Sweaters: Add a touch of holiday cheer to your favorite sweater by replacing the existing buttons with our festive designs. It's a simple and effective way to transform a basic sweater into a festive statement piece.

2. Coats and Jackets: Upgrade your winter coat or jacket by swapping out the buttons with our Christmas designs. It's a subtle yet stylish way to showcase your holiday spirit.

3. Accessories: Get creative and use our buttons to adorn accessories such as hats, scarves, or even handbags. The possibilities are endless!


 Christmas Buttons

Your WIPs and Finished Projects

I have been sent lots of pics of projects and WIPs this month, please remember to keep these coming.                                                

Christmas Folk Crochet Blanket

Here's Mandy's finished Christmas Folk crochet blanket. No sooner had she bought the kit, like a machine here's the finished blanket, she did run short of some of the yarn, but I do have a stash of spare colours if you need to top up your kit

Here's Rachels crochet granny square sunflower cardigan, this had a lot of attention on Facebook and we can all see why. Crocheted using Cygnets DK yarns.

crochet granny square sunflower cardigan













And who could forget this pair, showing off their autumnal sweaters Janet Knitted hers in Cygnet Jellybaby chunky chenille Butterscotch and Normans in Cygnets Aran Saffron.

Two autumn Sweaters Knitted from Cygnet Yarns  

Last but certainly not lease is Helen, she has knitted this beautiful Jumper using Woolcraft Chunky Pebble. Helen has been working on a few projects this month and has kept us all entertained at Knit and Natter with photos of her oversized Chunky Sweater that didn't quite turn out as planned, but this one is a show stopper!

 Thank you all for sharing your pictures with me, keep them coming. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you all over the Christmas period.

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You are amazing, fantastic shop and service.

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